Your a witch? So do you worship Satan?

It is a question i think every pagan and/or wiccan has heard at least once.

So today a friend of mine came over to my house because he needed some help with his computer. While he was over he noticed my pentacle necklace. 10391368_345174635677240_981763294238315295_n He asked me about it, something to the effect of “i like your necklace, what is that symbol?” So i told him it was a pentacle, and he asked what it meant. I told him i’m a wiccan. (side note: I don’t usually identify as a wiccan but rather as a pagan, however in my experience when talking to people who don’t know a lot about paganism/wicca when i tell them i’m pagan i tend to have to explain it and end up saying wiccan in the end.) Now this friend is a christian, i have known this for a while, and i tend to not tell christians about my religion unless asked because i don’t like to make them uncomfortable. That being said, i still wear my pagan jewelry. He asked a lot of the same questions that most people do when they meet a pagan/wiccan for the first time. Some are offensive, some are not, and some are just plain weird. But they all come from the same place, genuine curiosity when faced with something a person doesn’t understand. With that being said, i thought i would go through some of the most common questions that wicks and pagans get and answer them.

Do you believe in God? Yes, just probably not in the way you would recognize. First thing to realize is that we all view deity in a unique and personal way. Many of us are mono-polytheistic, meaning we believe in one universal god and believe that the other gods (the Triple Goddess, the Green Man, Ares, Inanna, Isis, Thor, etc.) are just aspects of this universal god. Some are true monotheist and worship one all powerful deity. Some are polytheists and believe in multiple unique individual gods, the number of which exist differ from person to person. And still others are nature-theists, they believe in the power and spirits of nature and natural things (i.e. trees, streams, mountains, etc.). And, of course most believe in some combination of these.

Do you cast Spells? Some of us do, some of us don’t. Some of us spend weeks preparing spells, gathering ingredients, calculating the phases of the moon, and translating the words into Latin (or Greek, Egyptian, Futhark, Etc.). Some of us are a lot more spontaneous. But the truth is that our spells really aren’t that different from what other people do (unless you are an atheist, then they are super different). While a christian might pray to God to ask for some one to get better if they are sick, or to help them with a test, or get a job, we cast a spell. In fact, many of us view praying as a form of spell casting.

Do you worship Satan/the Devil? No. Not only do we not worship Satan or The Devil, we don’t acknowledge such an entity exists. Many of us (but not all) don’t believe that anything is inherently pure evil the way the Judeo-Christian devil is. Rather we believe that spirits or entities have the potential for both good and evil, much like people.

So what do you believe happens when you die? This is the ultimate question people tend to get to. I think this is because many people define their religion based on where they ultimately end up. This is funny because most pagans and Wiccans define our religion (and religion in general) in terms of this life. But, since you asked, I believe in reincarnation. I like to think that when i die i will go to the summer lands to await reincarnation and then be reborn into this world again. Others believe in immediate reincarnation, or a permanent afterlife. Some believe that they will see their ancestors and deceased friends and family again, others don’t. And still others believe that they will cease to exist as a unique entity and rejoin the great infinite. It carries from person to person (are you seeing a pattern?).

What is your magical name? Asking this question is kinda like asking some one “how long is your penis?” if you had any right to that information, it would be given with out you needing to ask. Yes, i have a magical name, but the amount of people in this world who know both that name and my real name i can count on one hand. And that is how it should be. A magical name has a specific purpose, and it isn’t to be cool or mysterious or weird, it is to protect the witch. Many pagans/Wiccans are still in the broom closet (they haven’t told people about their religion). We use a magical name when we meet to avoid giving other people the power to out us before we are ready.

So, you don’t have any rules? Lol, how little you know. Just because our rules don’t look like yours doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In fact, we very well may have more rules than you (of course this carries from person to person). I have tons of rules, first i don’t cast spells on anyone with out their permission (remember i consider prayer a form of spell casting). I don’t bother the gods or spirits with trivial things, such as sports games or traffic lights. I don’t try to convert others to my religion because i believe that people need to find their own path (i will however answer any questions you have, just just have to ask first).

Do you have any magical powers? Why yes i do, i can create more people, it just requires a special ingredient and 9 months. I can also turn oxygen into carbon dioxide with out any special machinery. Basically, i have no powers that other people can’t have. We have talents though, that is different. For example my son is an empath, he is able to sense other people’s emotions, but with enough time and effort you could learn to do that too. I am really good with animals, i can understand them and sense what they need, but again, you could probably learn that too.

Did i forget any? if you think of others, want to know more, or if your answers are different, let me know.

Your a witch? So do you worship Satan?

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